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9184 Logo Design

9184Designs is a family based company that’s dedicated to making our customers feel like family. Every logo design or graphic design is created as if we are creating it for our own brand. We are very proud to say each one of our customers are happy with every mockup presented to them.

Over the years logo designs have changed and evolved and we are determined to deliver both modern designs and those loved vintage designs we all still love. Every design is discussed with each client and drawn on paper to provide the inspiration to bring it to life.




A logo is the reflection of your company that symbolizes it more than anything else. The first thing people know your company by is the logo. For example as soon as you see the Coca-Cola logo you immediately know what it is and what they sell.




You should be worrying about the business side of things and not the creation of your logo. Let a professional that has nothing but time create your stunning logo that will then help you even more with making your business thrive.



You will receive a quality logo that distinguishes you from others. Every logo is custom design and never duplicated. Logo builders can be used by anyone and you may not know it but you could create a design that someone else has created before.

Designing your logo

Logo design can be a little stressful but understandable because it represents your image. We will make this process as stressless as possible helping and creating unbelievable designs. If you have any questions about prices and what we offer you can contact us today.

Logo Design Portfolio

All of our designs are customized and built in house around what our clients want.

White Oak Plantation

Real Estate and Homes

Virtuous Salon & Spa

Salon and Spa


Custom Made Goods

Anna's Sweets


JQF Royalty


JQF Partytime Ent.


Bulldawg Coffee

Coffee Shop

Angels in Flight


Justin Lane

Music School

Stephanie Mills

Music School



Frequently asked questions

When designing a logo there is a difference in low quality logos/logo builder logos and professional designed logos. Its like buying a Walmart pair of shoes and a pair of expensive Nikes. You get what you pay for.

The design process takes multi steps to complete. There is a lot of brainstorming on custom designs, drawing and many revisions need to delivery your perfect logo.

There are different time variations between the type fo design you need created but it also depends on feedback and communication. The quicker you are able to chat and discuss your needs the quicker you will have a logo.